Black Box Horsens 2019 And that’s it: 1-3 February

We are now looking for larps for the Festival. Read more here.

Four years ago we made the first Black Box Horsens and every year since we have together created magic in the black boxes at the venue, Komediehuset. But now it is time to end it. But we want to go out with a bang.

So this year Black Box Horsens will be the weekend before Knudepunkt 2019, and kick off a week of fantastic experiences. Just as we did back in 2015 at the very first Black Box Horsens. It will be a way of closing the circle and a fitting end for this magical creature we have created together.

At Black Box Horsens we both want to look back at five amazing years bot also look forward. Even at our end, our vision of designing for experiences, connections and inclusion stands, stronger than ever. We want this event to be a place of memorable experiences, new connections where everyone feel welcome and included.

So whether you have been to all some or none of the previous festivals, we want you to come and end this journey together with us.

Keep an eye on this page and our Facebook page and group for more information about tickets, prices and larps. We plan to start the ticket sale around the same time as the ticket sale for Knudepunkt 2019

See you all on the 1th to the 3rd of february 2019, the weekend before Knudepunkt.

…And that’s it?
It’s been five amazing years going far beyond any and all ambitions. But now it is time to end. Want to go out on a high point rather than wither away, and we can feel new projects and adventures beckoning.

So yes there will be no more Black Box Horsens. However, whether or not there will be any more larp and roleplay activities at Komediehuset is unknown. It is such a fantastic a venue run by the most amazing people and we love doing stuff there. So while we are ending Black Box Horsens we are not ruling out the possibility of other things happening at the same venue.

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