Program 2017


Vi kan med stolthed præsentere årets program:

Fredag – kl. 20

  • Fragile Lives The lost souls are searching through empty worlds, invisible to each other and unable to keep track of their experiences. “Fragile lives” is a poetic larp about loneliness and the beauty of fragile moments. The larp in played with an audience who can walk around and interact as visible or invisible presences.
  • Before dawn
    To receive the gods forgiveness a tribe gathers to sacrifice the one who is nearest to them all. The last night before the sacrifice the tribe meets to drink one last toast together.
  • Frankenstein’s Creatures In a forest, creatures wake in their new bodies and discover who they are. When the world rejects them as ugly, twisted and monstrous, they must decide: do they fight back against a world that rejects them or accept that they are evil?
  • A Play of Shadows Six friends meet for an evening of roleplaying as they have done so many times before. But something is different about this night, the forest seems darker, the shadows are longer. Tonight something horrible will happen. A psychotic, erotic drama of 90ies goth

Lørdag dag – kl. 11

  • Strangers Strangers is an abstract, physical larp about integration. It explores the situation of refugees trying to fit in, and the reactions among the people who they try to fit in amongst.
  • Born Under a Bad Star A musical journey which explores the darkest of peoples minds
  • Welcome, Souls!  You’ve died, but that’s not the end of the journey. It’s just a path that all of us have to take. Before anything new can start you should make a difficult and ambiguous decision that is an essential part of the journey. Right now you are in transition –what happens next is up to you.

Lørdag aften – kl. 18

  • Human Experience Human experience is a physical, immersive larp. The players play ancient consciousnessess who shortly get to experience life through a human body and explore how humans move and sense. They do this with the help of a participating audience.
  • WILT Wilt is a non-verbal larp about going through different phases after ending a romantic relationship. Every scene is introduced and instructed through a guided meditation, and includes different physical restrictions in which the two characters of the relationship in one way or another have to renegotiate the relation they have to each other.
  • Z for ZAGS The Civil Registry Office clock tick-tocks in the silence. You came here with your decisions about marriage. What will the story become in an hour or two, comedy or drama?
  • A Pint of Bitter The casket is buried, the flowers are wilting and the church is empty. It’s time for grieving and healing. It’s time for a pint.

Søndag – kl. 16

  • Space explorers Have you ever wondered of anyone was out there? Welcome to space Explorers a fun and co-creative larp where you get to be in control of the story, the lights and the Sound. Together you travel to foreign worlds of own design.
  • Old Friends Back in the ‘90’s you were a team. You hunted ghosts together. You used an ancient technique that reliably bridged two worlds, and you put a lot of souls to rest. Like any team you were a mess of individual flaws, contradictions and rivalry, but it worked. It worked until one of you died.
  • The Temple of drifting sand The dust devils were only sand dancing in the wind. They traveled throughout the great dune, and took the shape of diverse beings. Of these perishable creatures, the most magnificent were those who merged and became the temple of drifting sand. The scenario is non-verbal, and based on dance.