Rules and guidelines

21769356292_336ecbf869_oWe are a small festival and don’t have any staff as such, just a few volunteers helping out, because there are not many areas where staff is required. So for this to be a welcoming place for everyone, we all have to help out a bit.

We want to create a friendly and open atmosphere. We want everyone to feel welcome and included. We are all in it to have fun and play around with this great medium. Because of that there are a few rules and guidelines, we would like you to follow.

Social – Be open
We follow the open chair principle meaning that unless you specify, that you are having a private conversation all conversations are considered open, and people can join in, if they want to contribute.

We all share the same experience here, and this is a unique opportunity to talk to people from all over the world who share your hobby and passion, we encourage you to take advantage of that.

Language – English please
This festival is both a new local event aiming to bring black box to Jutland and an international event. As such the language during the festival will primarily be english. We will not forbid people using their native language, but encourage people to switch to english, if new people join your conversation.

Technical equipment – Do not touch
Since this is a black box festival we will be using lighting and sound equipment. It’s the venues own stuff, and there’s just one rule: DO NOT TOUCH. Only the five stage chief may touch the equipment.

Furniture – Do not move
We are not allowed to move the furniture around.

Props – Do not use
The venue has a lot of fantastic and tempting props around the place. But as they are use for shows we are not allowed to touch or use them.

Tape – Ask first
We are not allowed to use duct tape anywhere.
If you wish to use masking tape, ask an organizer first.

Kitchen – Clean after use
You are welcome to use the kitchen at the venue for cooking. But we expect that you clean up after yourselves. The people at the venue have encouraged us not to allow this due to previous experiences, but we believe that our participants are more awesome people, and you will help us keep a nice and tidy kitchen for our and each other’s sake.

Alcohol – Never out side
We will not be selling alcohol at the venue, but you are allowed to bring your own (and there’s plenty of shops in the area.) The venues has asked us not to drink outside, but during the time of year, that should not be a problem.

Smoking – Only on the other side of the street
Smoking is not allowed on the premise, but we will make a designated smoking area, and that area is the only place where you can smoke while at the venue.

Danish law – Keep
Danish law applies to the conference which means that drug use, theft, violence, harassment or assault will not be tolerated.