About BBH

10978553_10206019304906252_7372413680633156122_nBlack Box Horsens is arranged in cooperation with the union Gnist and is held at Komediehuset in Horsens.

The team behind it all

  • Main organizer: Simon James Pettitt
  • Second in command: Anne Serup Grove
  • Larp organizer: Mads Dehlholm Holst
  • Economy: Mark Buje Hein Sørensen
  • PR: Frederikke B. Høyer
  • Stages: Matthias Kaalund Keller
  • Social: Christine Agertoft Svop
  • Graphics: Anne Serup Grove
  • Merchandise og print: Frederik Vindal Andersson
  • Webpage: Jacob Nielsen
  • On call wizard: Charles Bo Nielsen

Thank you to

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