The Temple of drifting sand

The dust devils were only sand dancing in the wind. They traveled throughout the great dune, and took the shape of diverse beings. Of these perishable creatures, the most magnificent were those who merged and became the temple of drifting sand. The scenario is non-verbal, and based on dance.
By: Gustav Wengel and Matthias Kaalund Keller
Themes: Meaning of life.

The scenario tells the story of the dust devils, who decide to build a temple in their search for meaning. Through dance and non-verbal interactions, the players will experience the seven steps a group of masons needs to climb in order to build a cathedral. Dancing exp. Is not necessary. The goal is not to make an elegant ballet, but to explore storytelling through movement. The scenario is dedicated to and inspired by Jackson Tegu, the writer of “Forest Ghosts.”

Languages: English and Danish
Duration: 3 hours