Before dawn

To receive forgiveness from the deities, a tribe gathers to sacrifice the one who is dearest to them all. The last night before the sacrifice, the tribe meets to drink one last toast together before choosing the beloved one.

By: Frederikke Høyer

Themes: Hope for the future, love, letting go, faith

Before Dawn is a larp about searching for the beauty in death, connecting to the fear of letting go and the subsequent peace when one passes on. As a player, you will play one of the tribe members who, during the night of winter solstice, must choose your most beloved as a sacrifice to the deities. To receive their forgiveness and, through that, regain your tribe’s ability to survive. Towards the end, everyone must mark their colour on their beloved and say goodbye, so that they can welcome the future.

OBS: Waterbased face paint will be used as a big part of the game to create your role’s identity under the workshop and to deprive them of it during the night. Towards the end, the paint is used to mark who is the most beloved one.

Players: 5 – 12 players

Duration: 3 – 5 hours

Playing language: English and Danish