Space explorers

Have you ever wondered of anyone was out there? Welcome to space Explorers a fun and co-creative larp where you get to be in control of the story, the lights and the Sound. Together you travel to foreign worlds of own design.
 By: Charles Bo Nielsen

Themes: Sci-fi. Comedy. Co-creation. Culture clash

The perfect introduktion to Black box for a future organize or designer. You get to see how fun and easy it is to create your own stories together. Film throttle of fun and madness. Divided into three groups you Will clash and crash as you meet on alien planets with hostile enviornments. As you tell three different stories of space Explorers going to a New world. Inspired by Star Trek and with by the anchor. As player from the first run said: “and then he cheated us into making our own larp for him”.
Duration: 3-5 hours.
Playing language: English and Danish.