Z for ZAGS

The Civil Registry Office clock tick-tocks in the silence. You came here with your decisions about marriage. What will the story become in an hour or two, comedy or drama?
 By: Hanna Komar, Anastasiya Novik, Yulia Yatskevich
Themes: Family, relationship, love, society, choice

6 of you get to the Civil Registry Office (ZAGS). Different persons with different life situations are stuck in the room. You are on the verge of making an important life changing decision and the registration procedure is the only thing that separates you from this decision. Is there anything to make you change your mind? It’s a verbal larp with the minimum of interference from the outside in which you explore the issues of marriage, divorce and loss through interaction with the other players. Genre – comedy-drama.
Duration: 3-5 hours.
Playing language: English.