Transport to and from Horsens

Are you considering going to Black Box Horsens? But are in doubt on how to get there? Then here is our guide on how to get to the city that hosts BBH:

From abroad

There might be more flights going to Copenhagen airport, but when you factor in transport inside Denmark, you might find cheaper options by flying to Billund, the closest airport to Horsens. For example Norwegian have a few cheap flights at the moment. is as always a good place to look for flights.

We are picking up one of our Game runners in Billund, so we might also be able to pick you up as well. Write to us, and we will see what is possible. But there is also a bus from Billund til Horsens.

From Copenhagen

Rødbillet bus

The cheapest option is the bus company Rødbillet. It costs 160 DDK (22 Euro) for adults and 120 DDK (16 Euros) for students. There’s five departures friday and sunday. We recommend these:

  • Friday: 12:00 – 15:15 or 14:00 – 17:40
  • Sunday: 15:35 – 19:00 or 19:20 – 22:55

Find tickets here

DSB Train

It’s still possible to find orange tickets, (the discount train tickets that DSB offers), that arrive and leave so you can be part of both the start and end of BBH. But the sooner you get the tickets, the cheaper they will be. Currently (23/1) you can get tickets for between 260 DDK (35 €) and 370 (50 €) DDK depending on when on the day you can travel.

Find tickets here (remember to check the I ant orange tickets box)

From Aalborg and Aarhus

Are you arriving from the north of Jutland your best option is DSB orange tickets. From Aalborg they are between 90 (12 €) and 260 (35 €)DDK and from AArhus for 90 (12 €) DDK.

Traveling together

You are more than welcome på organize communal transport on the Facebook event. Here you can both offer and look for transport.

We will gladly try to help with transport questions, write in the event, and we shall answer as quickly as possible.

We hope this helps, and are looking forward to seeing you!