Autumn have come to a small town and the children have begun disappearing. The grownups see nothing wrong, but four children, that suffer from nightmares, will soon discover that the monsters are not confined to their nightmares. A though roleplay about monsters, adults, children and horrible acts.

By Simon Steen Hansen, run by: Charles Bo Nielsen

The wolf lets the buss hold idle, while it coldly observes the children exit the school yard. All the cute little children. It moves it’s one black paw to it’s mouth and takes a drag on the cigaret, never looking away from the approaching kids. It licks its lips.

Some evenings in october has a very special weather. There’s frost in the air, and you can just see your own breath. A week fog hangs over the landscape, and you can sense smoke in your nostrils. The kids call these nights witch nights. When the kids are on their way home from school, or biking through the dusk, they think to themselves: that if there really were witches and trolls, it would be evenings like these that they came and took you. And then the kids pick up their speed.

Genre: horror
Duration: 5 hours.
Playing language: English and Danish.