Call for larps!

For Black Box Horsens 2019 we are looking for both new and old blackbox larps. We want to cover a broad range of subjects, themes and styles.

If you would like to run a game at Black Box Horsens please fill out this form as soon as possible, and before the deadline: 1st of september.

You sign up your larp by filling out this form

If we get more games, than we have room for, we will sadly have to say no to some, but will let you know ASAP after the deadline.
If we have to decide between games we will look for quality, a diverse program, the way the black box is used, and importantly: flexibility in number of players.

We hope that this last BBH will be the biggest ever, but you never know. So larps that are very flexible in numbers of participants is very appreciated. 5 to 20 is for example a very good and flexible number. But very hard to design for, so 8 to 15 is also good.

Run time
The run time shouldn’t be more than four hours, but we can be persuaded to go over, if you have good arguments.

Wish list
There’s some things we really want at the festival, so if your larp have that, we would very much like it:

  • Audience: if your larp somehow have an active audience or in some other way can incorporate non-larpers, or somehow entertain people from the local area we would very much like that.
  • Dance: We have a lovely dance studio at the venue. So dancing larps are very welcome, just note that special lighting isn’t possible in the dance studio.
  • Endings: With the tagline …and that’s it larps with themes of endings and goodbyes would of course be very welcome.