Monet and the Moment

By: Ann Kristine Eriksen & Danny Meyer Wilson

Monet and the Moment is a larp for up to 20 players about the painter Claude Monet and his live, love and his constant pursuit for the elusive moment.

The larp consists of a workshop and two hours of uninterrupted game time. All the participants play their own version of Monet and tells his particular story as remembered through foggy memories. But they also get to act as supporting characters ind others Monets stories. Through 18 scenes set in relation to nine different paintings of Claude Monet (switched on and off by lights) the participants moves fluently in and out of scenes and stories with each other – as old Monet, as younger Monet, as family, critics, delusions and the fleeting Moment. We call it an impressionist larp.

  • Impressionism, memories, paintings as scenes
  • 14 to 20 players
  • 3,5 hours