You can now buy your tickets here

Read more about the ticket types below:

The larp tickets become available on november 1st. At 20.00

But if you have bought your festival ticket before you will get access to them one day before on october 31st. At 20.00

Ticket types
Festival Ticket – 400 DDK, 54 EUR
The ticket includes: admission to Black Box Horsens, breakfast, tea, coffee and fruit during the festival, sleeping in sportshall at the venue and up to four scenarios of your choice.
These go on sale on the 27th of september.

Larp tickets – Free
Chose what larps you want to play, by buying tickets for the individual larps. These are free, but you can’t buy more than four, one for each program slot. And you can’t play any larps without a Festival ticket.
These will go on sale sometime in october if all goes well.

I don’t care what I play – 350 DDK, 47 EUR
We a limited amount of these special tickets. They have a cheaper admission, but contains all the same, as a normal ticket. But we chose which larps you get to play.
These are for you who thinks that the program is epic, and want to help us fill out larps, that need a few more players. We guarantee that you will get to play at least three games.
These go on sale on the 27th of september.

Organizer or designer ticket – 300 DDK, 40 EUR
If you are an organizer of BBH or run a larp at BBH we would like to thank you buy offering you a cheaper ticket. You can still buy Larp tickets, as long as they don’t conflict with your schedule.
These go on sale on the 27th of september.