By: Frederikke Sofie Bech Høyer, Charles Bo Nielsen, Hans Christian Skaarup, Nicolai Strøm Steffensen
Run by: Charles Bo Nielsen

This is a Blackbox adaption of Evan Turner’s Fastaval Freeform Scenario “Metropolis” from 2012.

Based on the dystopian sci-fi movie Metropolis from 1927, this theatre-style larp takes the players through a series of scenes describing the story of the collapse of the ‘Heart Machine’.

We’re in a world where suppressed workers dwell and labour beneath the surface of the earth, while the wealthy upper class lives in decadence in tall buildings reaching up in the sky. The saint-like Maria encourages the workers to use peaceful methods to improve their situation, but her efforts are in vain.

While each scene generally inhabits two to four characters, the remaining players make up the scenography the city. Being it the the heart machine, the bubbling pots of a laboratory, the city skyline or wealthy Sunday strollers in the park.

The genre is theatre-style larp where the players can decide on how the story develops, but only to a limited degree what happens. The larp uses various techniques to assist the players on remembering the story, such as full transparency, pre-scene ‘voiceover’ and information projected on a wall in the background during the larp.

  • Dystopian, physical, abstract
  • 10 to 15 players, 0 to 15 audience
  • 3 hours