Waiting for Flight GO901

By: Simon James Pettitt

At first the plane was just delayed, now it is gone from the monitors. Suddenly a message sounds over the loudspeakers: “Anyone waiting for passengers on Flight GO901, please contact information.”

People are waiting for their friends and loved ones, who are on a flight home. We follow the characters and their reactions from when the flight is merely delayed until the unthinkable happens.

The larp centers around the uncertainty of the fate of the ones you love and the thoughts that fill your head during that long wait. Participants are divided into groups to create the person they’re waiting for, and their own characters, with inspiration from the passenger’s luggage.

A larp for those who enjoy the silent tragic immersion into the fear for the loss of your loved ones.

  • Waiting, quiet, tragedy, immersion
  • 4 to 20 players
  • 4 hours