We, who were washed away

By: Frederikke B. Høyer

Why do we let ourselves fall into the endless darkness that close out the light of the stars. Why do we swallow the coldness that attach the sweet fatigue to our body and let ourselves sink towards the bottom. Why do we not fight back and strive to once again join the living world. And when we do – why do we always end up coming back. Back to the darkness. Back to the coldness. Back, back to the water.

We, who were washed away is a play about those who are faced with a choice: to survive the water or no longer exist for the surrounding world. In the play, the influence fears and dreams, loneliness and togetherness, despair or hope have on our viability will be explored.

  • Doubt, death, exploration, abstract
  • 5-15 plyers
  • 4 hours