Interactive audience

Three of the larps at Black Box Horsens include an audience to enhance the experience for the players. In all three larps the audience is not there to watch, but to help make the experience more deep for the players. The three larps are:

Welcome to Hard Times
The audience will take on the role of the inhabitants of the unfortunate town that will face tragedy during the larp. Like any good western, there are main characters, those are the players. But behind them walk the townsfolk, these will be the audience. Giving life and depth to the town and story. The audience will help build the town with tape on the floor and props, so that they also feel invested in it and feel the tragedy that befalls it alongside the players.

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New Voices in Art
When the setting is the reception at a gallery opening then an audience is needed to be the people dropping by to see the new artworks. Both players and audience can decide how much they want to interact with each other. Players can play of the nerves it gives them when strangers look upon their dear creations. The audience can chose to interact deeper with the fiction by accepting simple roles such as the culture journalist or the art buyer.

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In this larp the players will be both characters in the vast Metropolis and themselves be the physical embodiment of the city. Creating its towers and machines with their own bodies. The audience will help create the city alongside the players, making it even larger and more intimidating.

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